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Career Services

The Career Services Center in Queens; and the Ellen Thrower Center for Apprenticeship and Career Services located on the Manhattan campus offer an extensive amount of resources for students who wish to advance their job opportunities.

Wholly accessible and extraordinarily helpful, there is a team of dedicated career educators that serve as a support system to internal and external constituents offering career advising, job-readiness skill training, internships, and employment services. 



Career services helps students with a number of different avenues to obtain jobs. One of them is to help them with their resume.

We host a number of different activities and events to network with. Employers and alums of employers are bringing companies to campus, where we will have people coming in meeting, whether it be sitting on panels, or participating in career fairs, posting mock interviews. Both career services offers that as well as we have employers who will sit down and help work students through the process so that when they're actually in an interview, they're best prepared to be able to answer all of the questions that they're asked as well as being comfortable with those situations.

It's critical for a student to attend the career fair for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that it gives you the opportunity to potentially see an employer or hear about an opportunity that you weren't aware of. Many students go in with a short list of companies who they'd like to talk to and they don't even realize that one type of company may actually be looking for a particular type of student.

We offer a variety of etiquette sessions. One of them is dining etiquette. Also we offer programs where there are things around cultural etiquette.

We have speaker events at least once or twice a week where we'll have panels from various companies talking about their business functions, as well as the opportunity to network with those alumni and employers every week here on campus.