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Experiential Learning

Tobin prepares its students inside and outside of the classroom. Our extensive list of experiential learning opportunities  provide access to a variety of exclusive consulting programs and resources. 



It's really important to have that experiential learning as a component of the MBA degree. For me, in particular, it really made the learning come alive. And as somebody that came to get my degree after I'd been in the workforce for so long, it really made it that much more relevant to the work that I was doing.

I'd say one of the best parts about my education at Tobin at St. John's was the executive-in-residence program. It was a fantastic experience that taught me so much and enabled me to put so much of what I had learned in my other courses to practical use, to help companies address issues and come up with creative solutions to challenges that they put forth for us.

At the Tobin College of Business, we prepare our students to take the assurance of learning certification exam offered by shrm, the Society for Human Resource Management. This is the largest HR organization in the world. Student who passes this exam can show the HR world that they have learned what they need to know to be productive in an organization.

So the MBA program has a big focus on experiential learning. So we're not just reading a textbook, but we're trying to apply that to a real world situation. We're getting out and visiting businesses. We bring business executives into the classroom. As an example, in one of my classes, we worked with a Madison Avenue advertising agency. So they bring the problem in, they bring the executive in, our students work with them and present at their offices on Madison Avenue. Fantastic way to really truly learn how to apply the content of the course.