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International Opportunities

Graduate students at Tobin are offered a number of opportunities for short-term study abroad through a menu of Global Destination Courses. These courses incorporate travel to a destination linked to the academic content of the course where students witness first-hand how business operates in other cultures.



So we have different ways that you can have an international experience in our program. We have global destination courses. We go to see a number of companies whenever we go on these trips. Last year, we went to Rio. We'll go visit six or eight businesses.

There are a mixture of multinationals that happen to be operating out of Brazil, or Brazilian companies that are expanding global. And so we get to see firsthand, from the executives in those companies, what they're actually doing, what kinds of strategies they're following, why they're going to one country and not another country, and how they're expanding globally. And that is just not something you can get in a textbook. We try to find great companies and great experiences when we're going on these global destination courses.

So we have the ability to study a semester in Rome, or actually, you can take an entire MBA program in Rome. And there's a lot of advantages to doing that. Particularly if you are born and raised in the United States, going to Europe and learning how a European business works, whether it be for one semester or for your whole degree, to have that background so that employers are going to look at you and say, this is a truly international person. We want them for our international jobs.