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Networking Opportunities

Tobin maintains a loyal alumni network. Many alumni who have attained career success actively mentor and hire its grads. Throughout the year, events are held that bring current students together with successful alumni, offering students insights into the industries in which they will work.


The school offers many networking opportunity, honor societies, professional societies, as well as social clubs. The societies that I was most active with that was the Golden Key Honour Society, Omicron Delta Epsilon, and personally, my favorite, the Executives-In-Residence program.

St. John's has a great faculty, but I also think that the guest speakers are world class. As an undergrad, freshman and as a sophomore, I had the opportunity to shake hands of people on Wall Street that have 20 to 30 years of experience. That's one of the great benefits of being so close to Wall Street, and quite frankly, the greatest city in the world.

I was invited to participate in both Beta Gamma Sigma, as well as Sigma Iota Epsilon. And I have remained active and attend several of the events that they have in the city. And those have been fantastic opportunities to meet, not only other St. John's alumni, but people from all over-- really the world, that come to participate in those events.

So I look forward to attending those events and meeting people. And it's led to connections that helped me in my job. And will continue to help me in the future.