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Why is a graduate business degree beneficial?

We highly encourage you to learn more about our innovative programs.

Contact us with your questions, attend an information session, or chat with the director during one of our on-line sessions.

For more information, please contact: Office of Graduate Admissions / The Peter J. Tobin College of Business / St. John's University /  Tel. 718-990-1345 / 



Hello. My name is Rebekah Hanousek-Monge. I'm the assistant dean and director of graduate enrollment for the Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John's University. I love the fact that we have a 36 credit MBA that works for individuals who are looking to get an MBA done in 18 months or have the potential of doing it in 12 months. The fact that a lot of courses are in the evening, it also gives the opportunity for folks to seek out internships and other opportunities. And then we do have a lot of online course offerings that provide even more flexibility.

We have graduate assistantships available, and usually, it's doing academic research with a professor. If you're looking for programs within the School of Risk Management, there are very, very generous scholarships. We have a really great international population, as well as a really strong domestic population. And I think, when you bring that all together, it adds so much vibrancy. And we do take pride in identifying top candidates from places around the world.

We have our main campus, which is the Queens campus. But what's also great is that we have a Manhattan campus. So for folks who are working full-time, they have the opportunity to take advantage of courses offered at the Manhattan campus. We also have a Staten Island campus. And the one campus that I get super excited about is the Rome campus. So those four campuses are key, and it's wonderful, and it provides a lot of opportunities for folks wishing to diversify their MBA education, in terms of different locations.