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Master of Science in Accounting

The Master of Science in Accounting is designed to help professionals understand the function of accounting within their organizations and in the global marketplace.

We aim to cultivate the ability to relate sophisticated theoretical concepts to practical problems. The program also provides students with the specialized technical knowledge in accounting, tax, and auditing that will enable them to enter or advance their careers in the profession of public accountancy or in managerial positions in the industry. 



Dual AACSB accreditation is extremely important for us at St. John's. It shows that were held to a much higher standard in development of curriculum and our engagement with the profession. Very few schools in the area have this dual AACSB accreditation.

Our students are sought after by a broad range of organizations. And our MS in accounting will prepare our students to work with, whether it's a nonprofit like the Salvation Army or a financial services company like Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley or bank or governmental body, every other really type of organization has an interest in the quality of our students.

The Center for Accounting Research and Technology is the home for our students and faculty to collaborate. We provide advisement for all of our accounting majors in preparation for the uniform CPA exam. We sit down one on one with all of our students and assist them with a personalized study plan. We really want students to succeed on the CPA exam as it's a very important step in becoming a CPA and becoming an accountant.

CART is an essential resource for all of our accounting majors here at St. John's. And that one other thing that makes us stand out from the competition in that we offer such strong support for our students success, both in school and in the professional world.