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Master of Science in Advisory and Assurance Services

The Master of Science in Advisory and Assurance Services curriculum prepares students who have career interests in internal audit, information technology audit, fraud examination, compliance audit, litigation support, risk assessment and control, enterprise risk management, controllership, and mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations.  Our graduates are prepared to address events that disrupt operations, hinder an organization from reaching its strategic objectives, and determine financial value. The program provides students with the appropriate knowledge to complete the following professional exams



St. John's University is recognized by the Institute of Internal Auditors as a foundation-level program. And there's only a few universities that receive this distinction out there. More specifically, in the New York metro area, we are the only university that's recognized by the IIA.

Students come here to St. Johns, they have a chance to learn about the concepts and theories of business relating to internal audit, information technology auditing, enterprise risk management, and they can apply this knowledge through the internships or other types of employment here in the New York metro area.

The focus of the program is surrounding internal audit, information technology audit, fraud examination, enterprise risk management, and other types of fields related to advisory. For students who are interested in this program, it allows them to complete the program in approximately a year's time. So students can finish the program within a year. It's about 30 credits, depending on the situation.

I chose to attend Tobin College because, as part of St. John's University, it has a wide variety of resources to help students achieve great things in the future. We have an amazing alumni base, which we can network with at events. And it also has access to some of the greatest financial institutions in the world with this location in New York City.

We regularly interact with people who are currently in these fields and working at these companies. So they're able to give you a real-world idea of what a day in the life is like.

I've actually had the opportunity myself to visit some pretty large companies, toured the office building. That's not something you can get everywhere. [MUSIC PLAYING]