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Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management

A Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management will assist students in recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of business activity and adopting an enterprise-wide approach to managing the myriad of risks an organization faces.

The course work is based on research done on enterprise risk management practices at companies such as Microsoft, Wal-Mart, DuPont, Intuit, Raytheon, VMWare, Harley-Davidson, and several others.

The degree offers flexibility so that students can take electives to tailor the degree to their professional and intellectual interests. Students can choose electives in banking, IT, operations, forensics, internal auditing, and others.



In my fieldwork of enterprise risk management, I feel that the school has really prepared us since it's a developing field. And St. John's was one of the first programs that started in the enterprise risk management track. The classwork is fast paced and engaging. And I really enjoyed it and getting to focus with hands-on cases and studies in a way that I didn't really get to interact with the material in undergrad.

101 Astor, which is St. John's Manhattan campus, is incredibly centrally located for New York. It's off two major subway lines. It's so easy to get to both from Penn and from the Queens campus.

The Thrower center is amazing at making sure you find a job so suited to your skill set and your classwork. They really helped me, even last summer when I came on sort of late looking for an internship. They found something that just suited me so perfectly. Enterprise risk management and St. John's have really done a great deal to push the jobs forward and make sure that we're prepared not only in an academic setting but also in a workplace one.