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Master of Science in Investment Management

The Master of Science degree in Investment Management is designed to provide students with expertise to make effective financial and investment decisions.

Focusing on aspects of economics, financial reporting, finance, securities, and derivatives relevant to modern investment analysis, it brings together theories, practices, strategies, and methodologies designed to reflect the current state of the field of investment management and analysis.

The body of knowledge to be mastered includes: Ethical and professional standards, economic theory and applications, financial statement analysis, corporate finance, analysis of equity, debt, and alternative investments, analysis of derivatives, and portfolio management.



Here at St. John's University, Financial Information Lab provides an excellent resource for students to do their online research and do their project reports that they need to do and they get the current information. The master's in investment management prepares student to take the CFA exam. It provides students with a rigorous academic background. Also, it covers most of the full body of knowledge that is required to be successful in CFA exam.

CFA program is mainly a finance and investment program, but it has supporting fields from accounting. And so here, at MS in investment management, we have three departments cooperating. Finance department is one, but then we have accounting department contributing, and one course comes from quantitative analysis. CFA program is highly regarded for anybody who wants to have a career on Wall Street.